Deber – Aspire to Affliction

2021, almost in extremis, brings a new funeral reality able to follow the historical names of the northern European scene: we are talking about Deber, a Swedish duo formed by musicians already active for years in the doom field as David Eriksson (Anguish, guitar, bass and keyboards) and Christoffer Frylmark (Acolytes Of Moros, vocals and drums) that here are hidden under the pseudonyms DIE and HCF. Since Sweden does not have the same consolidated tradition in this sub-genre as neighbouring Finland, Deber refer to that very genre, reworking with great skill and inspiration the teachings of Skepticism and Colosseum, giving a personal interpretation of it, very spontaneous and paying more attention to the substance than to the form, as we like it most. The result of this compositional effort is a magnificent work as Aspire To Affliction, whose stylistic traits are more adherent to the funeral than sometimes appear the same bands taken as reference; in fact, a slow pace to the minimum allowed (not coincidentally, among the influences are also mentioned Worship) proves to be the basis on which to insert a measured use of the organ and the mallet bodies represented by a growl with a timbre close to that of Tilaeus, guitar riffs and percussion. The beauty of all this is that Deber never loses sight of the melodic sense, so that a work that does not even come close to forty minutes can be handled without too much trouble, even if by listeners accustomed to these sounds. Surely those who loved the last album by Skepticism will find in the work of the duo from Uppsala an extreme of it, especially in two of the three long tracks, Pestilence and Decay, while in Soulbind there are hints not far from realities like Ea and Comatose Vigil in a more leaden and less atmospheric version. In short, in Aspire To Affliction there is a lot to discover for those who appreciate at least one of the various funeral cult bands mentioned above.

2021 – Personal Records