Ivory Primarch – As All Life Burns

Warhammer 40,000 is a very popular three-dimensional game that has inspired more than one band, particularly in the metal field, thematically and aesthetically. The last of these is the Australian band Ivory Primarch, who derive their moniker from the Primarchs, characters of a certain importance within the saga. The sound proposed by the duo formed by the mysterious Elzevir and Vorador is a psychedelic doom sludge with apocalyptic traits, which fits well with the imagery of the game and its protagonists: the ideal way to get acquainted with ours can be the vision of the hallucinated video shot for Gleancrawler, key track of As All Life Burns. The rest of the work is not less heavy but, despite this, the listening is made easier by some atmospheric or melodic openings; the presence of several recitative samples can sometimes remind us of the impressive Shadow Of The Torturer of Dronestown, but this is only a general indication useful to give an idea of what Ivory Primarch propose. Obsessive and merciless sounds follow one another for about an hour, with the exception of the last ten minutes of drone ambient corresponding to the final track Aftermath, which add nothing and take nothing away from a first long-distance test of considerable thickness.

2021 – Cursed Monk Records