The Russians Sönma are a duo that represents two thirds of the notable Crust, a sludge band of a certain weight from which Roman Romanov and Vlad Tatarsky come. This new project, inaugurated last year with the first full length Terra, takes those sounds to their extreme consequences, giving them back in their most suffocating and slowed down version, giving life also with the recent Ether to a new caliginous monolith of unbearable specific weight. The album winds for about three quarters of an hour in which oppressive passages alternate with others with a cosmic feel, united by a drone substrate aimed at compacting the pachydermic pace. It is, as you can guess, a blow not easily absorbed but able to provide more than one satisfaction to those who do not escape the blows of the hammer inflicted by these two good musicians, who, also for what has been done with the already mentioned Crust, bring to the attention of listeners a form of doom not so common in their country, as happens instead for other sub-genres.

2021 – Ksenza Records