Eye Of Solitude – Godless

A new album released by Daniel Neagoe under the moniker Eye Of Solitude does not mean that the Romanian musician has definitively revised his decision to consider closed the story of the project that gave him a certain notoriety in the doom scene, even before obtaining further and deserved acclaim with Clouds. In fact, Godless represents the most honest expedient that can be adopted by an artist when he finds himself in the unpleasant condition of having to ask for financial help and, at the same time, he thinks that the natural thing to do is to offer a tangible reward to those who will provide their contribution; in fact, Daniel for several years has been suffering from serious spinal problems that, in order to be resolved, require a delicate and expensive surgery for which he is preparing thoroughly, changing his diet and losing weight. Godless is, in essence, the gift that Neagoe offers his fans in exchange for financial support that can be received via bandcamp (see link at the bottom of the article) by purchasing the album in the various formats available, as well as special packages including the entire discography of Eye Of Solitude. Having said the reasons behind the composition of the work, let’s come to its content examining it from a purely musical point of view: Godless is yet another great test given to us by Daniel with this moniker and is absolutely worthy of its predecessors, proving to be close to the more recent Cenotaph and Slaves To Solitude for its more funeral imprint than the first three full lengths The Ghost, Sui Caedere and Canto III. It’s difficult to think that the personal situation of the man does not affect his compositional sensitivity and so it is perceivable an introspective nature, devoid of those melodic openings found in older works, leaving the emotional impact comes mainly from the suffered and slowed down pace of the three long tracks that accompany us in a convincing way for almost three quarters of an hour. Suffering is precisely the key to reading Godless: the physical pain, of course, but also the psychic one deriving from the doubts that lacerate every human being about his own future when health problems intervene, disrupting everyday life and forcing the revision of any project or planned activity. The reasons to buy this work, as you can see, are many and all equally valid: as a corollary there is hope that the return of Eye Of Solitude does not turn out to be only a contingent fact but it can be the signal of a more regular resumption of the activity of a brand that, in the last ten years, has regularly given great music to fans of funeral death doom.

2021 – GS Productions