Vandrer is the name of the solo project of Ole Hell, a Norwegian musician who has been noticed for a few years thanks to his work with the excellent Sheperds Crook. Compared to what he did in that period, Ole renounces to the voice of his compatriot Nestor and launches himself in an instrumental doom worthy of note, especially for its trend that is anything but linear in embracing stoner sludge and post metal, without neglecting furious accelerations of black matrix. Rising from the Tomb of Matter is the last of the three full lengths released under the moniker Vandrer in the last two years and, in deference to that name (whose meaning is wandering), the sound slowly moves from one musical place to another, taking on gradually different appearances. Three long tracks for almost forty minutes are exhaustive about a compositional prolificacy whose quality is not flattened by the quantity; the work grows rather with its flow, to finally reach with To Attain the End of All Gnosis the most powerful and incompromising episode of the work, under the banner of a funeral sludge riffing diluted to the extreme from which sometimes vainly tries to emerge some subdued liturgical vocals. Rising from the Tomb of Matter is an interesting work as well as the previous ones, all offered by a musician able to elaborate in an effective way the instances of the past as well as the current ones gravitating in the extreme doom area.

2021 – Independent