Ungodly Rest – Delusions of an Indoctrinated Void

Long distance debut for the Mexican band Ungodly Rest, authors of a death doom that can be rightly defined as old school, with all the positive connotations of the case. In fact, the Central American trio exhibits a powerful sound, rough and spontaneous, without frills or melodic veins, with the only moments of relative peace found in the three short instrumentals inserted in just over half an hour of direct and effective sound assault. It should be noted that the number of bands dedicated to this fringe subgenre is increasing, in contrast to the equally large number of those who prefer the more melodic aspects that, in the absence of the necessary inspiration and expertise, often prove to be weak and not very incisive. If, on the one hand, proposals such as those of Ungodly Rest are clearly aimed more at death fans than at doom fans, on the other hand, the sense of emptiness and inadequacy finds its ideal expression in an angry guise rather than in a melancholy fa├žade. Delusions of an Indoctrinated Void, if listened to at the right volume, makes the speakers vibrate and the glass vibrate, reaching in different ways the same cathartic purposes.

2022 – Metal Coffin Records