Ison – Aurora

The intersection with Ison, solo project of Swedish musician Daniel Änghede (ex-Cripped Black Phoenix, as well as involved in the second half of the last decade with Draconian, although never having been part of the official line-up), allows me to enjoy once again different sounds, unrelated to the coding imposed by the canonical sub-genres of rock and metal, through access to a soft and imaginative world where everything appears more muffled, obeying to a different regulation of the space-time relationship. Aurora is the fourth album that comes out under the name of Ison and if the basic musical imprint remains that of an ethereal post-rock, the great novelty compared to the three previous full lengths lies in the end of the association with Heike Langhans (vocalist of the same Dracocian), whose replacement by Änghede does not take place in the most predictable way, or with another vocalist with similar characteristics, but opting for the support of different female voices in each of the tracks of the album. This artifice allows Daniel a greater freedom of manoeuvre and the possibility of using different vocal timbres, always functional to the creation of a scenario able to stimulate the imagination and the perceptive potential of the listeners. The journey along the eight tracks is rewarding, while we are guided by the splendid voices of singers from different backgrounds, some of which are already well known like Cammie Gilbert, Gogo Melone, Sylvaine, Tara Vanflower, Carline Van Roos and Lisa Cuthbert, others perhaps less so like Vila and circle&winds (Viola Petsch), but all capable of providing added value and a personal touch to the splendid sound substrate built by Änghede.

2021 – Avantgarde Music