Ydintalvi – Nuclear Winter

YYdintalvi is a solo project from the Czech Republic, although the chosen name is a Finnish word meaning Nuclear Winter. And this is precisely the title of this second full length by the musician from Plzeƈ, who has been active for a few years with his interesting sound that skilfully mixes industrial, doom and dark ambient impulses with the intention of depicting the best of the apocalyptic scenarios inherent in the imagery evoked by the moniker. The album exceeds abundantly the hour of duration, and therefore the listening is not too easy, but the sense of oppression that comes from it creates a thread of disquiet as subtle as robust, difficult to break before the last note of the final track runs; this occurs in the light of a proposal sufficiently varied, even from the rhythmic point of view, escaping the dull that often plagues albums in the same stylistic environment. Those who prefer dark sounds but with a modern cut, referable to hypothetical soundtracks of films set in a post-nuclear future, could find satisfaction from listening to Nuclear Winter.

2021 – Independent