Spirit Temple – Part I

Another rather interesting work, released by a completely mysterious entity, is the ep Part I by Spirit Temple; from the bandcamp we can only find the geographical location, Australia, while everything else is shrouded in total anonymity. What is not at all anonymous is the funeral doom offered which, in its orchestral guise, at times reminds one of Abyssic but in a much more distracted version and with a minimal contribution of vocal parts counterbalanced by a nature that veers towards ambient. The three tracks on offer total just over half an hour in length and are therefore already quite indicative of the potential of this project, which exhibits compositional traits that are quite varied and anything but derivative. Considering that the discography of Spirit Temple until now coincides with this ep, since the self-titled single of 2020 contained only the song At The Gates, also included in the opening of Part I, we can only greet with some satisfaction this first test of a certain quantitative consistency.

2021 – Independent