Funeris – Through Callous Time

Through Callous Time is the eleventh full length for Funeris, the solo project of Argentine musician Alejandro Sabransky; while it may raise some suspicions that such a turnover has been produced in just seven years of activity, it must be said that the remarkable quantity has never watered down the quality of the product, always maintained at a medium-high level since the 2014 debut entitled Waning Light. Overall, the sound, during the years, has kept its connotations firmly in place, so that in the form of funeral offerings noble and important influences such as those of Ea, Colosseum as well as the first Monolithe converge; Sabransky elaborates all this on his own with good regularity and inspiration, leaving a rather dark sound but cloaked in a remarkable melodic and atmospheric taste along the slow pace, in which excellent passages of the lead guitar peep out with great effectiveness and measure. Compared to today, the sound of Funeris is similar to the most recent works of Eye of Solitude and Slow, just to give a more precise idea, but that said we are in the presence of a funeral doom anything but derivative and good personality (as evidenced by the brilliant concession to ethnic references of Andean matrix in the beautiful central track Sacsayhuaman), able to touch with continuity the emotional chords of the listener during the five long tracks.

2021 – Silent Time Noise