Although the work was released in 2019 by Taxi Driver, it’s not too late to dedicate some space to My Low Heart, the long-distance debut of Chemical Resistance, a duo started by Cristiano Bocci from Siena and Adriano Magliocco from Genoa; the musical curriculum for both refers to sounds not easy to read, straddling avant-garde and jazz for Bocci, while Magliocco has a background close to rock metal with experimental traits, given his long militancy in Demetra Sine Die. It’s not surprising then the oblique character of their project, which unfolds between dark ambient and electronic with some reminiscence of doom; My Low Heart is a work that unfolds along four tracks plus intro in which the influences of the two musicians come together, able to offer scenarios full of anxiety but far from being engulfed by an experimental vision with no outlets. During the course of the listening, the predominance of the electronic ambient component is often broken by the contribution of the instruments of choice of each (double bass for Bocci, guitar for Magliocco), as well as by the contribution of filtered voices or female vocals as in Requiem, where the alternation with the deep notes of the double bass gives a decidedly alienating effect. The guitar cues of the title track lead briefly on Frippian territories before dissolving in the relative smoothness of the final Down, a worthy closure of an album to be sipped with care and patience waiting for a new full length that should emerge later this year.

2019 – Taxi Driver