Fragments Of Lost Memories – Divagate

One of the funeral realities emerged in the last year, also thanks to a full-bodied production, answers to the name Fragments Of Lost Memories, a project of which we know practically nothing except the Japanese origin. The album Divagate has been available since the first of January on bandcamp and it’s the third full length in the space of a year, for a total musical turnover that touches three hours; specifically, the new work is the longest, with its four tracks all well over fifteen minutes in length, and if we want this may be the only drawback compared to a compositional contribution of a certain value. The Japanese musician (the characteristics of the solo project are all there) offers an interpretation of the sub-genre that, at times, is very orthodox and well delineated within the most atmospheric fringe, with its procession of minimal variations as it happens in the first and last track, while the third one winds under the banner of a melodic death doom driven by brilliant guitar lines. All in all, Divagate turns out to be an average work, which means that it won’t contribute to rewrite the history of funeral, but it has the sure merit of drawing the attention on a new name that, if one day it decides to reveal itself to the listeners, will have some chance to reach a relatively wider audience and, why not, to establish itself as a valid alternative to Funeral Moth and Begräbnis.

2022 – Independent