Akelei is a Dutch band that came to life in the first decade of the century, producing until today, as a tangible legacy, an excellent full length as De zwaarte van het doorstane and then remain silent for a long time, although it has continued the live activity, before the recent publication of the ep Een van ons. Akelei started out as a full-fledged band, whose line-up included several leading figures from the Dutch doom scene, most of whom gravitated around Faal. Today, Akelei is actually the solo project of singer and guitarist Misha Nuis, who was accompanied in the production of his latest work by a large number of guests. Een van ons (which means One of us) is a work that pleasantly brings to the fore an atmospheric doom with roots firmly in the past, reviving those sounds that in Holland have found their cradle between the two millenniums; Misha prefers the most ethereal and delicate traits, enhanced by the optimal use of strings and always opting for clean voice accompanied by appropriate female inserts: the result is a work of considerable emotional load, gentle and almost shy in its unfolding, which leaves a legacy of melancholy feeling without closing the door to hope, as you can guess from the poetic lyrics with considerable depth. Een van ons is thus placed in the category of albums capable of enriching the spirit and the mind, touching the heart with the music and making you think thanks to a lyrical content that is anything but obvious, especially in metal and its surroundings. Truly a beautiful return.

2021 – Independent