Dogme – Eons

Dogme is a French solo project that appeared on the funeral scene a few years ago and this Eons should be their second full length (I use the conditional because here too the only source of news is the bandcamp page). The sounds offered by the transalpine musician appear quite intriguing, even if not always very clear at the instrumental level and partially penalized by the use of an excessively ranting growl; on the other hand, the compositional vis is of good workmanship and during the course of the abundant hour of music there are more intimate and atmospheric passages alternating with moments of devastating darkness. What exerts a certain attraction in the work of Dogme is a naive and spontaneous approach to the matter, so the intensity of the offer prevails over any other consideration; listening to Eons is not at all a trivial task, also by virtue of an experimental nature that at times translates into excellent flashes of dark ambient, but personally I think this is a work worth listening to by those who are not discouraged by a melodic contribution offered in homeopathic doses.

2021 – Silent Time Noise