Negură Bunget – Zău

Zău is not only Negură Bunget‘s ninth album, as one might deduce from a dry statistical count, but it is above all the completion of the Transylvanian trilogy conceived by Gabriel Negru Mafa, which his untimely death in 2017 abruptly interrupted after the release of the first two chapters, Tău and Zi. Taking advantage of the leader’s legacy, in the form of drum tracks and demos already recorded, the surviving members have worked in recent years to complete the work that should close forever the artistic parabola of this band that wrote indelible pages both in its original configuration, with the triumvirate also including Hupogrammos and Sol Faur (who after the break that occurred in the years following the release of the masterpiece Om will give life to Dordeduh), and later with Negru alone at the head of a handful of magnificent musicians. Negură Bunget post-split have seen an increase in the folk component, so the black metal that was the mainstay of the early works has maintained an important role but no longer predominant in the development of the sound, although it is undoubtedly that the emotions continue to come mainly from the passages in which the two souls merge in an indissoluble manner; It follows that Zău is the logical continuation of the two previous albums which, in turn, were even more imbued with an ethereal spirituality than the first Negură Bunget mark II, Vîrstele Pămîntului. Although some critics (especially those of a metal matrix) have not always appreciated the Romanian band’s ambient folk turn, for those who enjoy the clarity of sound and the transposition into music of the majestic Transylvanian scenarios, listening to a work like Zău represents yet another appointment with musical art that cannot be postponed; Tibor Kati’s voice, the sound carpet created by Adi Neagoe’s guitar and keyboards and the ethnic instruments played by Petrică Ionuţescu ideally bring Gabriel Mafa, his percussive work and the texts evoking ancestral visions back among us, along fifty minutes of sounds that once again prove to be ideal nourishment for the soul, leaving us with the regret for a path that has reached its inevitable end.

2021 – Lupus Lounge