Blackfold – Solarus

Trepanation Recordings is a British label that I discovered recently but that’s allowing me to come across underground realities of great thickness; it’s the case, for example, of this creature of Isaac J. Dean, English musician that with his solo project Blackfold offers over an hour of sludge drone instrumental level frankly unexpected. A long and subdued introductory part leads Solarus part I to its inevitable explosion after about thirteen minutes and here the power of sound, that our sound comes out in an optimal way from the speakers by virtue of the remarkable recording work done in their studios (also called Blackfold), leaves no escape wrapping and beating without remission, before the black clouds that have thickened threateningly inside the room open, leaking merciful melodic glimmers. This sort of musical device, more than half an hour long, is followed by another one of a slightly shorter duration but not less devastating, with the only small difference that in Solarus part II the scenarios tend to change more frequently, also providing the feeling that, in this long road paved with suffering, the hope deriving from the enormous cathartic potential of the music on the plate is really coming to the surface. Dean mentions as inevitable sources of inspiration the various Bongripper, Conan, Sunn O)))) but, in my opinion, his work goes beyond these references for the ability to always keep the emotional tension high, especially when in the second song something of the cosmic fury of the first Monolithe emerges. Solarus is a work that it would be a crime to ignore for those who feed on these sounds and are familiar with the illustrious bands mentioned: there are other lethal existential musical chasms to explore, you just have to want to.

2021 – Trepanation Recordings