Ghost Creek – II

The first funeral doom release of 2022 is the debut full length of Ghost Creek, a project by American Jonathan Skullcrusher Sager; the South Carolina musician is active in the extreme scene with several projects but this landing on the most uncompromising form of doom came about gradually, first with an ep in 2019 and then with a single the following year. The interpretation provided by Sager is as rough and minimal but with a certain charm: the places where the funeral must lead the listener are not necessarily uniform and, as an alternative to a placid lake fed by the tears of the desperate who crowd its shores, there are others in which there is not even the possibility to vent or share their prostration, so much so that they prove to be inhospitable and devoid of any consoling glow. Ghost Creek with II leads just in similar shores, thanks to a slow but obsessive sound, only partially lightened by passages of solo guitar always overhung by the wheeze of a Sager who has nothing comforting to communicate, even if just in closing a title like Stille Nacht would presage a glimmer of humanity, immediately swept away by a transfigured version of the most famous Christmas song. We are not yet at the level of the masters, so Ghost Creek‘s work is essentially addressed to the amateurs of the subgenre, those able to appreciate the good things contained in this work, thinking also in perspective of future releases that could surprise us by filing some details.

2022 – Independent