Anguish – Doomkvädet

From Metal-Archives’ sources there are thirteen bands named Anguish, which shows how much this sentiment constantly hovers in the soul of those who play and listen to metal. The band under consideration for this occasion is Swedish and is dedicated to a very interesting form of doom, as it tries to merge the classic coordinates of the genre with the more extreme ones, obtaining a valuable result. The band from Uppsala is active since fifteen years and with the last Doomkvädet reaches the fourth full length: we are in front of expert musicians and good connoisseurs of the matter, also because among the founders we find that David Eriksson (guitar) already seen at work recently with the excellent funeral project Deber, and J.Dee (voice and bass), his companion in the blacksters Ondskapt. The two are accompanied by guitarist Linus Olemark and drummer Bjorn Andersson, member of Ocean Chief as well as owner in turn of an interesting funeral project called Elporti; this communion of intentions provides as a result a harsh album that, wanting to exemplify the most for the benefit of the reader, at more than one juncture appears as a more brutal version of the masters Candlemass. In fact, if apparently the base can seem to be the classic one, the growl of J. Dee and the heaviness of the riffing are the main features move in more than one case the coordinates towards the extreme component, although I personally believe that Doomkvädet is a work that remains far from a hypothetical death doom; the quartet rages with its own hammer blows for fifty minutes, made less suffocating by appropriate and valuable inserts of lead guitar that represent the gateway to the rooms of classic doom for Anguish, however dirty with extreme veins it may appear. A great work, suitable for a wide range of fans.

2021 – Sun & Moon Records