Superstatic – Glimmering Veil

Calling oneself Superstatic and dedicating to doom metal may have counterproductive effects towards those who don’t prefer this style but, in fact, the sound of this Irish band, although rocky and monolithic, is not entirely free of variations on the theme. The approach of the band from Dublin (but actually founded and led by the Russian Rustam Shakirzyanov, already protagonist in the last century in his homeland with the interesting Rakoth) to the matter of death doom is in fact quite original, although the allowed deviations can be limited, and focuses on harsh sounds, sometimes dissonant, without forgetting to intersect everything with beautiful guitar melodies. As a result, this second full length by Superstatic (the first, Key To The Abyss, dates back to 2018) becomes an object to be handled with a certain caution but capable of leaving a good feeling, provided you listen to it with dedication and don’t surrender to its apparent impenetrability. The square and violent pace of the death parts contrasts with slowdowns close to funeral, creating a constant contrast that contributes to keep high the tension of the whole work, whose main flaw is an excessive dilution of the contents (in light of these characteristics, more than seventy minutes of music are not easy to assimilate). Glimmering Veil is still a work of considerable interest, containing the prodromes of a possible evolution into something even more remarkable.

2021 – Solitude Productions