Mizmor (מזמור) – Wit’s End

I’m so tired, so very tired. I worked so hard and for so long to come to a place where facts, science and evidence matter, and inform chiefly, only to be met with a reality of a time and people that oppose and damage that entire idea.” For the first time, at least in the field of music I’m normally interested in, someone expresses in an album the frustration deriving from the overbearing re-emergence of superstition and religious fundamentalism (this time of a catholic kind, and not infrequently dangerously intertwined with nazi-fascist regurgitations) to the detriment of the progress and the results obtained by science in our times; moreover, it appears pleonastic to remark that every reference to the pandemic situation, to denialism and conspiracy theories is absolutely intentional. Personally, I fully support the discouragement that afflicts ALN (Liam Neighbors), the Portland musician who has been active for about ten years with his solo project Mizmor (מזמור in the original Hebrew transcription), harbinger of several works of considerable thickness and stylistically placeable between black metal, funeral and drone. This ep, explicitly titled Wit’s End, pushes into territories close to the funeral in the title track, the first of the two long tracks in the work, while in the next Pareidolia (another eloquent title, who wants to look up the meaning of this term of Greek derivation) takes shape the alienation caused by the text recited backwards and an ambient approach of disturbing darkness. Beyond the depth of thought that pervades the work, which is yet another product of a tormented and sensitive mind and, as such, prone to a depression that certainly does not benefit from the events that occurred since 2020, Wit’s End is also a good opportunity to get acquainted with Mizmor and go to rediscover their previous works (three full lengths and several splits and compilations), all worthy of attention as is the talent exhibited by the talented musician from Oregon.

2022 – Gilead Media