Infirmum – The Great Unknown

Infirmum is the name of a new band that recently emerged from the always prolific Finnish doom scene; actually, the band was born as a solo project of Timo Solonen under the moniker Kuolonkoura, which lasted only the time of an ep, titled Infirmum, which will become the new name of the project. Solonen has been very active in recent years, releasing three singles in 2020, which were later incorporated into the full-length Walls Of Sorrow, and two more last year, which we can find in the new ep The Great Unknown. In the meantime, the musician from Jyväskylä has given Infirmum the appearance of a real band, including the contribution of a female voice of great value as that of Anna Rose; the contrast with the growl is certainly not something new, but this is done with a taste and a measure that is not at all obvious. If with this formulation the inevitable reference becomes Draconian, it must be said that Solonen’s songwriting is of the highest quality, thus avoiding unpleasant suspicions of depersonalization of his sound. The twenty minutes of elegant and melodic (but not melodic, nor free of rough passages) death doom contained in The Great Unknown represent yet another beautiful reality sprung from the inexhaustible forge located in some hidden corner of the land of a thousand lakes.

2022 – Independent