Desolate Grave – Det sista steget

The debut of this project called Desolate Grave comes revealing rather unusual characteristics compared to those normally found in the death doom field; David Mauritzon, a musician from Gothenburg active in several minor bands of the Swedish scene, decides to do everything by himself and succeeds rather well, going to intersect the grim scores of the subgenre base with large symphonic openings that provide a certain airiness to the whole. Det sista steget is an ep that is resolved in less than twenty minutes, with three main songs accompanied by two short instrumental tracks, so it is too early to draw conclusions about the actual value of the proposal, but remain well impressed by the remarkable melodies that embellish especially Nezariy and Trakhym; the extreme and symphonic components don’t always blend perfectly, but these are minutiae on which the good David will certainly work on the occasion of a desirable next full length that, given the solid foundations laid with this work, could surprise more than one fan.

2022 – Grind to Death Records