Worm – Foreverglade

Floridians Worm started out as a black metal band before turning towards old school death doom, reaching their third full length Foreverglade two years after a very well received second album Gloomlord. The trio formed by three guys with unlikely nicknames approaches the sub-genre keeping faith with their moniker, so the music offered has a creeping character, often very dirty but not played in an approximate way; the matrix is that of the most putrid death but what makes the work of Worm worthy of attention is the relative variety of sound offered, fundamental picklock to keep alive the attention of the listeners. Emblematic, in this sense, is the central track Cloaked in Nightwinds, the only one of the lot to exceed ten minutes of duration in which the obsessive mid tempo is intersected by remarkable keyboard openings and guitar melodies not at all ordinary, even if then the rhythmic accelerations of the next Empire of the Necromancers temporarily move everything on a different level. However, we are at the antipodes of melodic death doom, so I would recommend Foreverglade to those who count among their favourite bands Incantation or Evoken, while it might be a bit difficult for those who prefer the sounds exhibited by groups with a more atmospheric and melancholic nature.

2021 – 20 Buck Spin