Mirthless – Late December Blossomed Flower

Despite being presented by some as a death doom band, in danger of being confused with the Peruvian homonyms, Romanian band Mirthless are actually the authors of a sound that skillfully blends black, doom and depressive impulses, in deference to the background of the musicians involved, all of whom belong to the thriving TimiÈ™oara black scene and are active in bands such as Argus Megere, Dordeduh and Nocturn. The band comes from afar, having started as Urmuz’s solo project at the end of last century but, after the release of three ep’s between 2001 and 2004, it remained silent for a long time to reappear as a full-fledged band in 2019 with the first full length Threads of Desire, followed by this Late December Blossomed Flower, released in the last days of 2021. Mirthless‘ approach is definitely melodic-oriented, while the real link with dsbm is the leader’s scream; all this is emblematically displayed in the last long track Late December, a perfect example of how the harshness of extreme metal can be combined with the sad disenchantment of depressive, wrapping everything in a non-trivial melodic sense. A good work, really appreciable for the balance shown by Mirthless in combining the different souls of the sound.

2021 – Independent