Doom Architect – Silentes Umbrae

After starting out as a duo, with leader Alexander Mikhailov being joined by keyboardist Marina Kuznetsova, Doom Architect are now effectively a solo project. Silentes Umbrae is their fourth full length, coming after three interesting works such as Loca Tacentia (2014), Sententia Prima (2016) and Speculum Mortis (2018), but it must be said right away that on this occasion the quality level soars thanks to a more direct approach and marked by an always well-defined song form. If an album like this one is not destined to rewrite the canons of melodic death doom, it’s nevertheless another good release among the many recently released in this field. The renouncing of the keyboard makes the sound drier but not less effective, favouring the successful combination of growl and guitar textures, proposed with skill and good writing ability by the excellent Mikhailov. The six tracks show an appreciable compactness and are resolved in a little less than forty minutes, facilitating the assimilation of a work with many positive aspects, as long as you don’t compare it with recent releases of a level that can be reached by a few and selected chosen ones.

2022 – Independent