Telluric Effluvium – Voyage of Sentient Decay

Telluric Effluvium show with their second full length a certain progress compared to the already interesting Dissolution of the Threefold Self, published two years ago. In fact, with Voyage of Sentient Decay, the Denver band has reached a good balance between the rough aspects of the sound and the melodic ones, whose guitar approach is not far from Mournful Congregation. This makes the work anything but superfluous or cheap, although at first glance Telluric Effluvium may appear an amateur project, doing nothing to hide their diy characteristics; in fact, the five songs offered in almost forty minutes show a knowledge of the subject that allows the group to always keep sufficiently high the compositional tension, even if in this sense the outbursts of death matrix do not necessarily have the same evocative potential of the beautiful lead guitar inserts. Telluric Effluvium offer to the fans a genuine funeral death doom with a remarkable impact, even if in order to get a wider space it’s necessary to find a label able to guarantee the adequate distribution of a product that is potentially appealing to the admirers of our beloved subgenre.

2022 – Independent