Déhà & Marla Van Horn – Earth and Her Decay

Déhà‘s releases are never ordinary and neither are his collaborations, which are always aimed at intriguing artistic combinations not necessarily with metal musicians. This time the eclectic Belgian is joined by Marla Van Horn, a Polish artist who successfully divides her carrier between music and visual arts. In the first of the two cases, the sounds normally offered are a dark ambient that, when blended with Déhà‘s depressive funeral attitude, generates an album of rare beauty such as Earth and Her Decay. Marla‘s voice is as beautiful as it’s evocative, and it manifests itself mostly in the quieter and more intimate moments of the tracks, alternating with the dramatic impulses inflicted by the interventions of her partner in crime, which are usually less extreme and stinging than on other occasions. An admirable example of what to expect from Earth and Her Decay is the opening track Putification Ritual, relatively if compared to the other tracks but extremely effective thanks to the combination with a magnificent video, obviously handled by Van Horn. The initial female vocals, placed in that dark ambient context that the Polish musician knows how to manage with skill, are gradually replaced by the Belgian’s male vocals in an emotional crescendo that will be the mark for the rest of the work. In fact, each track has great depth, giving the listener moments full of tension without having to resort to metallic artifices. The atmospheric and melodic afflatus of this work is something difficult to reproduce and, in this regard, I would go so far as to say that Earth and Her Decay is the work of Déhà that has convinced me the most among the most recent ones that have seen him involved; undoubtedly the union of the two talented musicians is under every aspect decisive for the success of a work that expresses a quality that continues to surprise, although we should be used to it by now.

2022 – Burning World Records