Sullen Guest – Chapter III

After the good results obtained with the recent second full length Chapter III, the Lithuanians Sullen Guest come back with an ep aimed at keeping the attention on their name. As we wrote a few months ago about their previous long-distance work, the Vilnius band proposes a death doom that is halfway between the melodic and the extreme side; Phase consists of three songs for a little more than twenty minutes that initially follow the characteristics exhibited in Chapter III (Come To Me) but showing first a certain slowing down of the pace in the long Voice Of The Subconscious and, finally, a more melodic character in the conclusive Assent. Just this last song, which also has a female vocal contribution, could indicate the way forward for Sullen Guest, as it would allow them to make partially more attractive the proposal without distorting it completely, always maintaining a certain stylistic balance; so, this ep turns out to be anything but superfluous, marking a new point in favor of this interesting Baltic band.

2022 – Metallurg Music