Hermyth – Starseeds

Ghostheart Nebula have been the most welcome and exciting news emerged in recent times in the Italian death doom; works such as the ep Reveries of 2019 and the full length Ascension, released last year, have received unanimous praise from both audiences and critics. This premise is necessary to present this project called Hermyth, because its mind is the same Nick Magister who composed the works just mentioned; compared to the main band, the sound has in common only a certain elegance and the stigmata of a talent that expresses itself with equal level even in a more ethereal and atmospheric sound field. Another link with Ghostheart Nebula is the presence of Therese Tofting, voice of the Norwegian Funeral Void (authors of the excellent In the Epic or a Funeral Sunset in 2021), who appeared as a guest in Reveries; the Scandinavian singer’s timbre is very personal and contributes in a decisive way (also with the writing of the lyrics) to the success of a work that goes beyond typical metal canons, ending up exploring territories that in the presentation are defined doomgaze, in which however stands out a soft cosmic aura only rarely rippled by some more robust passages. The depth of a sound that is inversely proportional to its apparent lightness is distributed along six enchanting tracks, able to wrap the listener in a cozy cocoon, pushing him to an introspection that can momentarily keep away the ugliness exhibited daily by real life. So, it’s better to let the spirit and the mind sail elsewhere, transported by the notes of a splendid album like Starseeds, the first and satisfying stage of a journey that hopefully is just beginning.

2022 – Meuse Music Records