Mountaineer – Giving Up the Ghost

Californians Mountaineer have reached their fourth full length in a relatively short space of time, since their debut having only just been released in 2017. In the last few years the band has gradually approached a form of post metal that is objectively valid but also with a rather high melodic rate, so much so that it could be too sugary for the most hardened metalheads. On the other hand, to find next to Mountaineer also the label sludge can only be misleading, since some harshness, including the use of the voice, can be found only in songs like Blot Out the Sun and When the Soul Sleeps, while the rest of the work unfolds through the exhibition of a soft but not less fascinating and emotionally touching sound. As said, these Oakland guys bring their style to the limits beyond which the proposal could be too soft, but they do it with such competence and mastery that at least in this case the danger is avoided. In summary, I’d recommend Giving Up the Ghost more to Deftones fans (White Pony era) than to those who associate post metal with Amenra, that’s for sure.

2022 – Lifeforce Records / Sludgelord Records