Encoffination / Rotting Kingdom – Wretched Enigma Of Salvation

Selfmadegod Records has released an interesting split album featuring two American bands who play very different versions of death doom. In fact, if Rotting Kingdom expresses sounds that descend from My Dying Bride and early Anthema, Encoffination are authors of the most putrid and merciless side of the subgenre, so it’s not unlikely that those who appreciate one will be less involved in the other, but the truth is that both choices lead to a half hour of good extreme doom. Rotting Kingdom, with their two opening tracks, denote a few more melodic openings compared to the debut full length of 2020, A Deeper Shade of Sorrow, and this suggests a propensity indicative of the future landing to a more varied and enjoyable sound, while still keeping the Kentucky band in a stylistic environment far from blinking. As for Encoffination, a much older band with four full lengths already published, the idea of a softer approach is not even taken into account; the two tracks prerogative of the experienced trio are at the antipodes of any opening and melodic atmosphere, exhibiting the teachings of the seminal Winter and Disembowelment brought to extremes consequences. So it’s shareable the decision taken by the Polish label to bring together in the split album two realities not too similar, although belonging to the same subgenre, which in my opinion enhances operations of this kind compared to the proposal of bands from the style completely overlapping.

2022 – Selfmadegod Records