Trewerum – Millenniums in a Darkness

The debut album by Russian Trewerum immediately shows reasons of interest deriving, first of all, from the fact that three members of the notable Suffer In Paradise are involved in the project; furthermore, on vocals we find Terra Teratos, an original performer both when she expresses herself with extreme tones and when she uses other vocal registers. The project had a rather long gestation, having come to life in the middle of the last decade, but the result repays the time taken by Sergey Chirkov and Defes Akron to compose and conceive a fascinating concept that is not so easy to describe in a few words. The lyrics, written entirely by the latter (who, however, did not take part in the recordings as a musician), tell a story in his mother tongue in which the obsessive search for himself ends up destroying man, while musically we are in the presence of a melodic and symphonic death doom, varied, intense and anything but predictable, in which the harsh passages characterised by the singer’s ferocious scream alternate with more airy passages that, absurdly, represent the least effective moments of the work. In fact, when the instruments start in unison (all by Chirkov, except for the drums played by Vadim Sitnikov), merging with Terra Teratos’ harsh totality, Millenniums in a Darkness shows a dramatic and abrasive side that should have been pushed with more continuity. The splendid The Sisters finds its natural counterpart in the long and almost conclusive The Star: these two tracks are eloquent about the potential that Trewerum can bring to the field, even if there are a few too many digressions that do not affect a rather convincing overall result.

2022 – Fono Ltd.