Bone Eater – MMXXII

Lately I’ve been rediscovering a certain pleasure in listening to death doom in its rawest and most direct forms and, therefore, I want to point out this debut demo by Canadian Bone Eater. MMXXII consists of two tracks for a total duration of seventeen minutes, enough to understand that the band (or solo project that is, more is not known) of New Brunswick has all the credentials to propose itself in the scene with a work of fuller dimensions. The recipe is the canonical one, but always with its own charm: a catacombal growl is poured on a sound never so extreme as the Encoffination’s one, of which I spoke a few days ago.In fact, Rot Into Filth and This Grave can be listened to without too much effort, always in relation to the proposed subgenre, of course. Finally, it should be noted that MMXXII is released by two small but very active Canadian labels, Ancient Temple Recordings and From the Urn, which gives it a few more chances to reach someone interested in listening.

2022 – Ancient Temple Recordings / From the Urn