Athanasy – The Sick Die by Sunrise

The Sick Die by Sunrise, the debut album by Portuguese duo Athanasy, has a value that goes beyond music, as it deals with a delicate topic such as euthanasia, telling the dramatic condition of those who have lost all hope and, above all, are condemned without any possibility of treatment to an indefinite “no life”. The deep lyrics written by S.P., who also gives them voice, supported by E.R.’s songwriting and instrumental performance, are indicative of what the two Lisbon musicians think about it, even if this is not expressed in a direct way, leaving the story to guide the listener to the determination of his own opinion, free from dogmatic positions (excerpting from their bandcamp “…we simply challenge you to put yourself in this man’s place, if only for a minute, and consider: what would you do, if you were him?“. The Sick Die by Sunrise is a well-made melodic death doom with four long tracks that represent despair, impotence, regret and finally the melancholic and liberating detachment of the protagonist from his body, which has become the painful shell of a mind that no longer has the strength nor the will to keep the last flame of life lit. In this sense, the musical aspect cannot be separated from the conceptual one and if this sometimes makes The Sick Die by Sunrise lose some fluidity, the intrinsic value of a work with great emotional intensity remains, without forgetting to observe that the depth of the concept mitigates some small imperfections: this is what Athanasy must take into account, if a future album does not focus on equally significant themes.

2022 – Independent