Old Night – Ghost Light

One of the rare exceptions that I allow myself in talking about classic doom I gladly do it in favor of Old Night, basically because I believe that these Croatian musicians have something more than most of the competitors, in addition to the awareness of their own means combined with a humility that crossing the border with neighboring Italy seems to have become unknown commodity. I had spoken during the brief but intense adventure of MetalEyes of the previous full length Pale Cold Irrelevance (2017) and A Fracture in the Human Soul (2019), so it seems normal to devote some space to the new Ghost Light, although stylistically it goes beyond from the sounds that I usually bring in evidence in Mournful Sounds. Moreover, to define classic doom the sound of Old Night is not even so correct, given the mixture of their sound with grunge veins and the inclusion of melodies from the enormous evocative potential that have little to do with the leaden static of those who follow in the wake of Candlemass and company without having the necessary talent. The ability of the combo founded by Luka Petrović consists since its first appearance in proposing a song form always well defined, able to give a precise identity to each track without sacrificing the aura of pain and melancholy as dictates of the genre; so, just listen to the first notes of Sacred South, sung by the always talented and expressive Matej Hanžek, to understand that the musical discourse of Old Night follows an uninterrupted line that, with the passage of time, tends to improve even more and to acquire an international thickness that allows the Rijeka quintet to compete on equal terms with the leading names in the industry. In this regard, we can only hope that the temporary suspension of activity by Solitude Productions, for the reasons we know, does not compromise the promotion of a beautiful album like Ghost Light, which in a normal world deserves to reach the largest number of possible admirers.

2022 – Solitude Productions