In This House Of Mourning – Penance

Another noteworthy debut in the death doom ambit is that of Newyorkers In This House Of Mourning with an ep entitled Penance. The quintet led by B.I. (Ben Ianuzzi) interprets the subgenre in the best possible way, introducing a great balance between the most extreme and melodic components; in fact, even if States’ bands often seem to be more oriented to the old school side, In This House Of Mourning keep a marked doom character, thanks to very slow themes and a guitar work aimed at weaving painful harmonies. All this occurs mainly in the beautiful opening track The Path Worn Down, while the third and final Cruel Death (in between there is a shorter instrumental) shows some abrupt and rough acceleration, while maintaining the main coordinates already exposed. J.A.’s growl is functional to the success of a convincing first test, thanks to twenty minutes covered with grieving sounds as promised by the moniker and the ep title. Good the first, without any doubt.

2022 – Independent