Föhn is the name of a funeral doom project that features two musicians involved from the beginning in Shattered Hope, the vocalist Nick Vlachakis and the drummer George Schinianakis – who has played on all albums except the latest Vespers – here at their debut step with the demo A Day After. Compared to the main band, where the style tends towards death doom, in this case the subgenre is expressed in a way that leaves no room for doubt, with a dark approach but not without melodic and atmospheric openings, proving to be a perfect synthesis of the different impulses of various schools. Föhn takes Worship and Tyranny and brings them into the current decade, shrouding the whole with an aura more melancholic than dramatic, in line the most introspective side of Eye of Solitude. “A Day After, your childhood got lost…” is the duo’s concise introduction to this demo: childlike voices opens the long track to symbolise a childhood that is suddenly coming to an end, vanishing like snow hit by the warm föhn wind. A Day After has the unforgivable flaw to last only thirteen minutes, because after enjoying the aching beauty of this track, the desire is to hear more music produced by Föhn, but I truly believe that this is just the first tasty taste of what the Athenian duo will be able to offer, accompanied by the trademark of what they have done during the brilliant story of Shattered Hope.

2022 – Independent