Kylmyyteen – Yö istui viereeni

It’s not uncommon for a funeral doom band to generate a side project dedicated to the same subgenre, even if this may seem bizarre. In fact, if we take the case of Funeralium, an offshoot of Ataraxie, the stylistic deviations are there, even if they are perceptible to those who know the genre well, and the same can be said for Kylmyyteen, who are none other than Hiljaisuus Vajoaa with another moniker. Compared to an album like Kaikkeuden Ytimeen, released less than a year ago, Yö istui viereeni is more atmospheric and in the tradition of Finnish funeral doom, and not only because of the use of the mother tongue. Here, a slow, mournful and melancholic rhythm develops, although not so pronounced compared to the more suffocating sound with post-metal veins that the Tampere trio performs with their mother band, and the result is completely superimposable in quality compared to what I wrote about Tyhjyyden näkyjä and Kaikkeuden ytimeen, with the advantage that the funeral played under the Kylmyyteen brand appears even more involving and pure, showing a spontaneous and unforced interpretation of the subgenre. The enormous evocative power of a title like “The night sat next to me” can only be the ideal viaticum to express that sense of dull pain that can not find an angry outlet but lurks in the mind in the form of inescapable resignation. Särkkä, Ojanperä and Korpi are the cantors of this musical style in its cathartic function, completely devoid of any commercial calculations (as demonstrated by the constant diy characteristic of their works) in favour of an expression without filters that with these new works reaches even higher levels than those already achieved with Hiljaisuus Vajoaa. Avoiding improper comparisons with recent releases by much more famous Finnish bands, I can only say that this is the funeral I would always like to listen to, even if I have the well-founded fear that not many people think so.

2022 – Independent