In Ruins – Ruthless Portrait

In Ruins, a new death doom band, has emerged from the fertile Timișoara scene: the impetus came from the least known of the three musicians involved in the project, drummer St.Oliver (Oiver Merce), who brought into the adventure Putrid (Andrei Jumugă), also a drummer in such well-known bands as Argus Megere, Dordeduh and Ordinul Negru, but here as guitarist and bassist. To complete the line-up with a vocalist, the two finally turned to another name of some weight, Urmuz (Dragos Oichea), Putrid’s partner in Argus Megere and Ordinul Negru, as well as the soul of the remarkable Mirthless; from this communion of intentions has sprung a first interesting ep, Ruthless Portrait that, in about twenty minutes, shows the good potential of In Ruins, able to offer a death doom well balanced between hardness and melody, with a certain propensity for a mood as robust as dark, in deference to a concept focused on the approach of death, an event to be faced with conscious resignation rather than with self-pity. Four tracks, plus a short instrumental, concise, intense and convincing are the turnover of this debut of In Ruins, an ideal premise for a likely future full length.

2022 – Independent