Funeral Dawn – The Girl Who Killed Her Soul

Funeral Dawn is a project by Brazilian musician Thiago Alboneti that, in common with many others of recent activation, has the fact of having been inspired by the inevitable consequences that the pandemic has left in most people, especially on a psychological level; although the moniker and some information make one think of a funeral doom proposal, in reality we are in the presence of a quite inspired and melodic black death doom. Compared to the previous album, Inner Demons, released in 2020, the new The Girl Who Killed Her Soul shows some progress in terms of performance and composition, moving away from the much more monolithic sound exhibited two years ago, which, although valid, sometimes seemed to have no outlets. The goodness of this work is in fact in a certain usability that does not overly sacrifice the dark aura of the sound proposed, even if the more melancholic aspect prevails over the dramatic one, especially in some instrumental passages performed with a certain good taste. The greater variety helps to assimilate the work of Thiago who, however, with the final track A Letter to Myself returns to the sounds of Inner Demons; summing up, The Girl Who Killed Her Soul is an album with which the good paulista musician succeeds in highlighting the name of Funeral Dawn; it only remains to be seen which of the two stylistic options will end up prevailing on the next occasion.

2022 – Independent