After two full lengths released in the last decade, Basque band Hex return with an ep, Behold the Unlighted, containing three tracks for a total of just over twenty minutes of music. The death doom of the band founded in 2012 by Adolfo WB can be traced back to the fringe closer to the first of the two components and, not surprisingly, in the presentation are cited sources of inspiration ranging from Bolt Thrower to Paradise Lost. The result is of a certain effectiveness, since the rocky but not too dark sound is consistent with these premises, oscillating between rocky rides with epic shades and morbid slowdowns that place Hex, just to stay in Iberian land, in the same stylistic environment of Famishgod. Being a band with an already consolidated discography, the aim of this EP is to keep alive the level of attention on a band capable of interpreting these sounds at their best.

2022 – Vertebrae / BlackSeed Prods / Burial Records / Hecatombe Records / Pathologically Explicit Recordings / Negre planY