The keystone of Déhà‘s music can be summed up in one word: intensity; this characteristic is what makes the Belgian musician’s work unique, for his ability to surprise even if the time to assimilate each release he is involved in is always short, given his now well-known prolificacy. Decadanse, published by the French label Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions, which has always been oriented towards the divulgation of unconventional extreme sounds, is a work in which Déhà conveys in the best possible way all the musical souls that make his artistic expression peculiar and unstoppable; in fact, here doom and black blend and chase each other along two tracks well over twenty minutes in which, after the threatening but more contained pace of the first part of The Devil’s Science, is a doomsday atmosphere to occupy the scene in a paroxysmal crescendo that literally explodes in I Am The Dead without leaving escape. As always, Déhà paints in dark colours any imaginary that enters his compositional range, but this time I can say that he has succeeded in his intent departing in some way from the coordinates that we have come to know, thanks to his many projects in over a decade of rewarding record production. In Decadanse are evident industrial drifts that cloak the sound of an apocalyptic aura that, in recent times, I found only in NGR of Omination, but if in that case the basis was the funeral death doom, here to occupy the scene is mainly a black metal bastardized by electronic incursions, sudden melodic openings, furious ritual invocations and other assorted devilry that will surprise those who know this artist only superficially, while for all others represent the confirmation of a talent that against all logic and physical laws seems to be inexhaustible.

2022 – Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions