Konvent – Call Down the Sun

Konvent are a Danish all-female band dedicated to a death doom style marked by great vehemence. The first aspect that impresses is inevitably the growl of Rikke Emilie List that surpasses those of most of her male colleagues, but the reasons of interest do not end there; in fact, the sound of the Copenhagen quartet has a solid doom matrix also enhanced by a sound compartment of great heaviness. Call Down the Sun is the second full length that, if it does not stand out for its innovative potential, moreover not required, it confirms the ability of Konvent to transform into music a monolith of rare compactness. As I’ve already written in other occasions, death doom offers a wide range of styles, so that in the subgenre there are really relevant deviations from one band to another: Konvent interpret it in a way that doesn’t leave room for melodic exercises, but not in such a way to take the appearance of a death metal played in slow motion (as bands like Mortiferum or, even more, Encoffination do). In fact, I defy anyone who claims the contrary (I know more than one snob purist in this regard) that what is contained in Call Down the Sun is not 100% classifiable as doom; of course, in these three quarters of an hour of music the variations on the theme are minimal, but Konvent‘s mission is to imprison and annihilate the listeners with a proposal that does not exclude completely more accessible songs (the central Grains and Fatamorgana above all) resulting in the end much more useable than the initial tracks imply. Call Down the Sun is convincing across the board and suggests that the band’s live impact will be devastating to the integrity of the audience’s cervical spine.

2022 – Napalm Records