C – Vedestä Valkoiseen

After having spoken a few weeks ago about the wonderful first release by In Depths of Winter, we find again the Finnish musician J.H. with a new ambient project in which he takes on the minimal name C. If the moniker is indeed essential, we cannot define as such the content of Vedestä Valkoiseen, a work in which this musical form is exhibited in its most atmospheric and enveloping traits. Being the work of a musician who has already left his mark especially in the field of funeral death doom (let’s not forget what was Juho’s main project for about fifteen years, that is Shades of Deep Water), it’s quite normal that the sound evokes icy and at the same time majestic scenarios, like those of the North Europe, using a general mood in which a certain solemnity is interpenetrated by a painful and melancholic aura. More than the master Eno, C‘s ambient is reminiscent of Kosmische Musik, whose standard bearers were, among others, Cluster, the English genius’ fellow adventurers in two historic albums, without forgetting Popol Vuh, Klaus Schulze or even more Andreas Grosser, his partner in the masterpiece Babel. The Finnish musician reworks all this, enhancing its airy aspect with four splendid tracks, anything but monotonous thanks to a melodic potential that pushes everything towards cinematic shores, succeeding in the promised intent of offering listeners “Soundscapes from fields of solitude. Where time is measured in seasons. Darkness without end. Light without end.

2022 – Independent