Et Moriemur – Tamashii no Yama

Although the numbers are rather small, in terms of quality, Czechia offers bands of great depth when it comes to extreme doom. The most emblematic case is that of Et Moriemur, a band active for almost fifteen years and with an EP and four full lengths to their credit, all of excellent quality, including the recent Tamashii no Yama which could really represent their consecration. In fact, the evolution of the Prague band has been constant over the years, not limiting themselves to producing increasingly convincing albums but trying to link its music to themes that are anything but usual in the world of metal. Thus, if in Epigrammata it was the use of ancient Greek and Latin texts to characterise the record, in Tamashii no Yama, as you can guess from the title, homage is paid to Japanese culture, not only in the lyrical sector but also through references to the Japanese musical tradition, sometimes using typical instruments such as the Shakuhachi. Having said that, Et Moriemur‘s work remains firmly based on an atmospheric death doom which, however, thanks to the desire to confront other cultures, acquires a formidable peculiarity. Tamashii no Yama flows perfectly along six tracks, relatively short for the habits of the genre, until the longest Takamagahara, a complex and less immediate episode than the rest, but ideal conclusion to an album magnificent for its expressive power and originality. Zdeněk Nevělík performs with various vocal timbres, interpreting the lyrics in the true sense of the word, assisted by the impeccable work of the rest of the band, in which there are three members in common with the excellent Self-hatred, including drummer Michal “Datel” Rak who, together with the vocalist/keyboardist, is the only one present in all the previous albums. Listening to Tamashii no Yama is full of surprises and changes of scenery without bordering on fragmentary: Et Moriemur are ready to sit at the table of the greats in the field of funeral death doom.

2022 – Transcending Obscurity Records