Grand Harvest – Consummatum Est

Grand Harvest, a band that has been active for a few years now and has good references, have released an excellent debut full length. The confidence in this sense seems to have been well placed: the Swedes offer a compact death doom, flawless and with a huge pull. Some of the more rhythmic tracks are enjoyable from the first listen, but the underlying mood of Consummatum Est is as malevolent and corrosive as ever, and to exemplify this it may be useful to start with the two final tracks, Fatehammer and the title track, one with overwhelming rhythms and the other much more enveloping and melodic at the same time. Dr.Hall’s harsh but expressive voice declaims apocalyptic scenarios, well supported by an ensemble work indicative of an experienced group of musicians. In the interpretation of Grand Harvest‘s death doom, one should not look for innovative ideas, but concentrate on the performance of a convincing and involving sound from the first to the last of the fifty minutes of Consummatum Est.

2022 – Independent