After a prolonged period of silence, last year Emiliano Santoro started again with his main project Dead Summer Society, releasing the excellent full length Decades, and at the beginning of this year he revived also his other ambient creature called Last Winter I Died. Now is the turn of the realization of a new album under the name Erensyrah, which was the title of the first work of Last Winter I Died: a sort of closing of the circle that allows the musician from Molise to explore different territories again, this time close to an atmospheric black metal approximately related to the strand of Lustre, just to give an indication. Unlike the Swedish solo project, however, Santoro does not indulge in excessively sugary passages, focusing more on an obscure and evocative mood, although with a well-defined melodic profile, with the purely black component manifested with some rhythmic acceleration accompanied by a scream relegated to the background, as if it didn’t want to break the flow and the pleasant progression of the sound. Odes to the Ghost is essentially based on three notable main tracks, Night, a Memorable Journey and Moon, You Fade, both lasting more than ten minutes, and the shorter Same Unforgettable Sky, to which is added the instrumental Aurora that leads back to the ambient component of the work, resulting a sort of link between Erensyrah and Last Winter I Died. This EP is another example of the newfound inspiration of a musician who is good, sensitive and maybe less publicised than he deserves.

2022 – Realm and Ritual