Athvarf – Elegies

Athvarf is a funeral doom project created by Romanian musician Cristian Lincu, with the collaboration of Polish Mateusz Sibila regarding the entire vocal compartment. The geographical origin of Lincu pushes him in a natural way to follow in the footsteps of his most illustrious compatriot Daniel Neagoe and, from the first notes of the opening track Elegies of a Statue, is well perceivable the unmistakable imprint of the priceless sound branded Eye Of Solitude / Clouds. This debut EP entitled Elegies gives twenty minutes of excellent funeral doom atmospheric divided into two tracks that, if they pay duty at the level of originality for the references mentioned above, are eloquent about the remarkable compositional sensitivity of Lincu; for his part, Sibila offers a growl flawless, with his death metal band Vishurddha, giving the work another element of certain thickness. The precious interweaving between the atmospheric parts and the painful and slow progression of the sound, imbued with a prominent melodic component even in the most robust moments, allows the inclusion of the name Athvarf among those potentially able to offer in the near future a full length able to leave its mark.

2022 – Independent