VV.AA. – Stop War in Ukraine!

This is not a review but an act due to a request for help that comes from Ukraine. I state that this is not the place to comment or make considerations on the geopolitical scenarios that led to the conflict, the only thing I know for sure is that the war has already caused thousands of civilian deaths, millions of displaced persons and cities teeming with life reduced to piles of rubble. That’s enough, I’d say, to support this initiative of Eugene Voron, a well known name in the Ukrainian doom scene as owner of Path Of Doom Radio and the label Loneravn Records; STOP WAR IN UKRAINE! is a compilation created with the intent to raise funds proceeds from its sale will be directed to targeted assistance to Ukrainian families with small and infant children. 37 bands from all over the world have contributed by offering one of their songs: among the most known names, at least by me, I point out the Italians Hermyth, the Dutch Doomcult and Yantras, the French Indigo Raven and, above all, the fundamental Pantheist but, beyond this, each of the participants should be thanked for being available to support an initiative to be supported regardless. Those who want to contribute actively can download the compilation by making a free offer on Path Of Doom Radio’s bandcamp, reachable by clicking on the link at the bottom of the article.

2022 – Path Of Doom Radio