Evocator – Ancient Cataclysm

Evocator is a band of which there is no way to get information if not the essential one of the Swedish nationality; although there result several demos released between 2007 and 2010, the production of the group has assumed a certain relevance since last year, when it was published the ep Chronicles of Pestilence, which is followed by this first full length entitled Ancient Cataclysm. Although they are cataloged within the death doom, in my opinion the sound of Evocator is much more similar to an epic and atmospheric black death with a pace that is never too high, reminding me for approach a remarkable album like The Vanished Pantheon of the Brazilian Mythological Cold Towers; in this sense, what is contained in Ancient Cataclysm is no less for evocative potential and strength: the four long tracks are pounding but well assimilated and the moments of breath granted are very rare. Evocator, in deference to historical themes that can be inferred only from the artwork and the titles of the songs, since the almost total use of harsh vocals makes the texts mostly inintelligible, prefer to use the saber rather than the foil with the intent not to take prisoners: a goal that these Swedes reach brilliantly, proving to be a very pleasant surprise.

2022 – Independent